[SATLUG] 10 Linux Commands You Probably Don't Use

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Apr 25 00:29:15 CDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> I'm curious though, how to login to Ubuntu as /
>> with gui access.  Any help there?  (Sometimes, man is very helpful.
>> Other times, its either a slog, or woefully inadequate to th task I'm
>> pursuing...)  I need to make some symbolic links disappear which show up
>> in the gui, but not, apparently, in the cli...
> It is really considered bad form to log on to a Unix/Linux system as
> root.  Just open a command window and type `su -`.  It will ask the
> root password and then you can do anything as root from there.
> You need to be a bit more clear about what you are trying to do. "make
> some symbolic links disappear which show up in the gui" doesn't really
> make sense.

And, it doesn't make sense, Ed, because whatever you do in a root
terminal under the gui, happens system wide.  So, as root (or, in your
words in a '/ terminal' vs an '/ed terminal' - which means root vs usr)
and you ran the command say;

ln -s /path/to/some/directory /path/to/some/other/directory

in a terminal, then that link is -still- going to be there, when you
open a terminal as the user named 'ed'.  Regular user ed may not be able
to -see- said symlink, because user ed might not have the permissions

> That's OK though, you are learning.

Regardless of what anyone else says here, Ed, I agree with Bruce, in
that the only -dumb- question, is the one you do -not- ask.

I've been on the list now since 2002.  6 years.  I, like a lot of other
people on here, had been playing with Linux, and staying with Windows,
but i've had other issues, that I won't go into here.  Very soon (hence,
the reason for my asking about remote access for linux) I'll be
converting over completely.  I've just got some files to back up, and
data on other drives to consolidate.  The biggest step was getting email
converted from one OS to the other.  Now, since that's done, I need to
be able to access this system from remote.

Of the 10 commands, 3 of them I hadn't heard of before, but will come in

mkdir -p looks totally useful.

cd -  that's new on me.

most of the others I use, or have at least heard of.


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