[SATLUG] Remote Desktop for Linux

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Fri Apr 25 02:06:22 CDT 2008

It is a scosh late and I have not exhaustively tested all of your
requirements, but:

On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 7:37 PM, Borries Demeler
<demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu> wrote:
> > > So, if FreeNX any better than VNC?
>  >
>  > By leaps and bounds. Why anyone continues to use VNC baffles me. I'm a
>  > huge fan. Huge!
>  I never heard of FreeNX, but your comment makes me think this is too good
>  to be true.  I am using VNC as a collaboration tool, but have issues when
>  multiple clients tend to make it lock up and often require a restart. In
>  VNC, I have the following features which I absolutely require:

FreeNX is the free implementation of NoMachine's NX X11 Proxy system.
Have not used Real NX, but on SUSE 10.x FreeNX is easy to install
(Yast add package and run 1 command)

>  1. arbitrary resolution and screen size
>  2. choice of 8/16/24 bit color
Not Sure.  Windows client from NoMachine does not seem have that
option, while the CLI nxdesktop on linux does.
>  3. multiple clients can connect to one server
>  4. readonly or read/write connectivity is possible (based on password)
Readonly would infer that you are connecting to existing session.  Not
sure about this one.
>  5. OpenGL support
glxgears in NX seems to work.  Linux client gets ~200fps.  A little
choppy, but works.  Native on linux client ~2900fps.  On server I get
~1700.  Windows client is about the same as Linux client.  It is CPU
intensive, as the session is not a simple redirect of local screen.  I
am not a big OpenGL user, so I have not tweaked or tuned for max
>  6. suspend/restart session
>  7. ssl or ssh transport (not available in the free server unless you tunnel through ssh)
Yep, by design it is SSH.
>  8. speed (VNC seems very fast to me)
Personal preference.  Compression is adjustable to maximixe B/W available.
>  9. clients can connect to a URL using a java enabled browser
The NoMachine web companion seems to enable this, have not tested
personally yet.  Fairly lengthy install (Must install/configure
HTTPD), as it does not run an embedded HTTP like VNC (sometimes) does.
>  10. scalability to many clients
Would say yes.  Still depends on RAM and CPU, but the commercial
version has clustering and load balancing (Like Citrix)
>  11. automatically drop unresponsive clients
Not sure.  More details needed.
>  12. client support for Windows, Mac and unix.

I do know that the server needn't have xdm or a GUI running for NX to work.

>  The website faq didn't go into most of these questions, but maybe you can
>  confirm that FreeNX can handle these features before I waste my time playing
>  with it?

Hope that helps.

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