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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 11:08:13 CDT 2008

Ryan Stewart wrote:
> I'm struggling through trying to get a dialup modem working on Ubuntu. I've
> skimmed through a pile of online docs and articles, and now I'm working more
> slowly through the Modem-HOWTO from tldp.org:
> <http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Modem-HOWTO.html>
> My question at this point is a simple one. I suspect that the modem should
> already be recognized. Is there some tool I can use to scan known devices to
> see if the modem is already there? Or maybe is there something comparable to
> the Windows device manager that organizes devices somewhat understandably?

Ryan, internal modems are "problematic" with Linux but you should have 
no trouble at all with an external, serial modem unless the computer has 
no serial port.  to find an affordable external modem (U.S. Robotics is 
probably the most common and works nicely) you can check the Goodwill 
computer store or hit a couple of small, independent computer shops. 
You should be able to find one for $20 or less (just make sure you get 
the right "wall wart" power supply with the silly thing, the "genuine 
article" will say "U.S. Robotics" right on the wall transformer instead 
of typical cryptic labeling).

If the computer has no serial port, your best bet will still be US 
Robotics.  Look for a modem card that has a small audio transducer 
(small speaker) on it and or jumpers on the card for setting the IRQ.
I realize this isn't very specific but that's what I look for when I go 
into a computer shop and ask to see their collection of used dial-up 
modem cards.

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