[SATLUG] 10 Linux Commands You Probably Don't Use

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> Hey folks...
> I found this while Stumbling, and thought to share it. 
> Anyone have any
> other 'forgotten' commands?
> http://www.foogazi.com/2008/03/18/linux-commands-you-probably-dont-use/
> Cheers;
> Ed

I use most of them or equivalent commands in AIX's ksh, except watch, never heard of it and, the one to search for a process id of a command.

Also we have a pstree wrapper to keep watching over a particular process, set of processes, we call it pswatch, very very useful.

Our customer's security guidelines force us to use root's umask to 077, which creates a lot of problems when you install software/create directories  because root gets access to all files and directories but not the required users, even after changing the file and group ownership, so I wrote list_path.sh, which lists the  user and group ownership, as well the access bits of any particular file/directory all the way up to root.

What about this one..

/home/xxx] cd A/B/C
/home/xxx/A/B/C] cd B C

not sure if this is a ksh'ism or AIXism but works too. Anyone uses xargs ?? or uses CNTRL-R to search in your command history, AIX has a pretty nice command called "portmir", I love it, the command lets you take control of a particular terminal session on the host, not sure about its heritage but works wonders, specially when a user complains about something not working, that you know works well, and you need to see what the user is doing wrong.

Im sure there are plenty more.

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