[SATLUG] PRIVACY: Update to RealID St DL and New RFID/Bio Social Security Card!!

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Apr 26 23:47:52 CDT 2008

"An Alternative Plan for Implementing the REAL ID Act 
House bill H.R. 5405, short titled the "Social Security Identity Theft 
Prevention Act," was introduced Feb. 13, 2008 by Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL). The 
stated purpose of H.R. 5405 is to protect seniors from identity theft and to 
strengthen national security. The bill is currently in referral to the House 
Ways and Means Committee. 
The bill calls for redesigning the Social Security card to include a photo, 
fingerprint, barcode, magnetic strip, and computer data chip. That would for 
all practical purposes transform the Social Security card into a National ID 
card administered by the Social Security Administration."

Gotta Love Ron Paul's comments on it:]


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