[SATLUG] [OT] PRIVACY: Update to RealID St DL and New RFID/Bio SocialSecurity Card!!

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 23:57:39 CDT 2008

scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
>> I'm not at all surprised that they're still trying to
>> push this thing through.  Scary. I can only hope we get
>> a Dem in office before the bill hits the prez's desk.  
>> Otherwise, we're all sunk. (We already are, of course, 
> but, final nail and so on... <off soapbox>) E
> -----------------------------
> Good Cop, bad Cop, doesn't matter, look who controls
> Congress, it couldn't get to GW if the Dem's (Pelosi)
> didn't want it to.  
Look at the makeup of the congress and senate.  A 51% majority in the
legislature isn't a mandate: its impotent. Pelosi knows this, and
rightfully keeps her trap shut.  Notice that Obama was even asked if
he'd consider war crimes trials.  Though his answer kinda bled off, I
had the feeling that if  1.) He wins in November, and 2.) the Dems get a
few more seats in both houses, we're very likely to see the beltway
lined with special prosecutors in 2009.  I don't hold out much hope
there, but I'd love to see it...

> So, a Dem in office is a moot point

Excepting that "national security" and "terror" are definite repub
platforms that go well over the top when compared against the
realities.  Sure, there'll likely always be security threats and even
terror threats, but, when they're repeatedly enhanced and trumpeted (pun
intended) to the exclusion of all else, look at who benefits from the
noise...  National ID may indeed be gaining traction on the left, but it
has been a banner cry of the right since before WWII.  Remember Ben



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