[SATLUG] Logging Into the GUI as Root in Ubuntu

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Apr 28 09:13:10 CDT 2008

tux792 wrote:
> I need to log into Runlevel-5 (GUI) as root and Ubuntu 8.04 will not
> allow that (my first experience with Ubuntu).  If I could default to
> Runlevel-3 I guess I could startx and get into the GUI that way, but I
> can see no way of accomplishing that either.
> My problem is that I need to write my Nividia Server Settings
> reconfiguration to the X11-config file but the system, as normal, will
> not allow me to do that as a non-ROOT user.  I know of no way of
> accomplishing this using super-user at the CLI.
> Once at runlevel-3, I assume I will be able to set a ROOT password,
> although I am not even sure of that with Ubuntu.
> Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated...

In Ubuntu (and maybe with Debian based systems - not sure about that)
you don't need a 'root' password, per se'.

At the command line, type 'sudo' prior to any command you need to run as
root, and it'll let you.  If it's what the system determines as a more
'sensitive' command, it'll ask you for your user password.

I would imagine that you could run the xorg configuration from the
command line with a statement such as;

user at ubuntu-system:~$ sudo xorg [options]

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