[SATLUG] Logging Into the GUI as Root in Ubuntu

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Mon Apr 28 10:13:21 CDT 2008

phn1x wrote:
> with ubuntu you can't sudo untill you've put yourself in /etc/sudoers

The first user created is automatically added to sudoers.

> You can su and the password should be the same as whatever you put for your
> user account.

No. Root doesn't have a password by default. It is effectively disabled
from direct login. To get a root shell, you must first log in with a
regular user and then use sudo like...

$ sudo -i
$ sudo su -

> Ubuntu does not allow you to login to X via the root account by default

If you login as a regular user with admin rights via sudo, you can allow
root login via GDM by going to System -> Administration -> Login Window
(or running `sudo gdmsetup` in a terminal). You then go to the Security
tab and put a check next to "Allow local system administrator login".

To login as root directly at all, you need to set a root password. You
can do that with:

$ sudo passwd

That's it.


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