[SATLUG] OT: Small Shop Tech Support...

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Mon Apr 28 10:38:11 CDT 2008

Hey All,

I am looking to recommend some tech support for 2 small businesses
(mostly MS) that take less than 5 hours/week.  Of course both expect
rapid response.

WAN: T1 with PRI handoff to Fonality (Asterisk) PBX
LAN: PoE Switch & Phones (10 Polycom handsets)
Linksys PoE WAP
Dell PBX Server (Fedora Core)
Whitebox (Monarch Computer) Server (OpenSuse) running VMWare server,
2x OpenSuse VMs (Samba, SugarCRM)
2 Network Printers, 1 Network Scanner
10 Dell Laptops (Inspiron 6400, or Latitude D8x0), All Windows
Outsourced Email & Document Management

WAN: Fract T1 (768K) with 6 FXO analog handoffs to ancient key system
(Nortel maybe, provided 10 years ago by SBC, standard support long
since expired)
LAN: 24 Port unmanaged  GigE Switch
Dell PE2800 Win2K3 Server Tower server (File/Printer/AD/etc)
Whitebox (Local build) Server, mostly migrated to Dell, but still up.
10 PCs (Mostly HP, but a couple Whitebox)
2 Networked Printers (HP4x00)
1 Sharp Networked MFP/Copier
Outsourced Email (POP)

That is really it.  Any recommendations appreciated (Small shop


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