[SATLUG] Re: Logging Into the GUI as Root in Ubuntu

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 10:45:49 CDT 2008

JJordan wrote:
> Thank you all for your thoughts and replys.  I must have done a poor job of explaining what I needed to accomplish.  I need to be logged-in as ROOT in the GUI.  This is the only way I can SAVE/WRITE-TO the X11-config file.  I must write my Nvidia Server Settings (reconfiguring for dual monitors) to the proper system file.  As USER, I cannot write to this file.  In other distributions, one is able to log-in to the GUI as ROOT or opt to boot to runlevel-3 and bring-up the GUI by running startx at the CLI prompt.  I have set my root password by Sudo-ing in a terminal.
> Here is what I need to accomplish: (running Gnome, not KDE)
> 1.  Boot into runlevel 3 (rather than 5)
> 2.  logon as ROOT
> 3.  run startx
> 4.  Reconfigure Nvidia Server Settings
> 5.  Save the new configuration to X11-config
> 6.  Exit runlevel-5 (return to the CLI)
> 6.  Then return accessabilities to normal operation

Ok, I'm a novice so maybe I'm confused but I think your question was 
just answered.

Danial said:

"If you login as a regular user with admin rights via sudo, you can 
allow root login via GDM by going to System -> Administration -> Login 
Window (or running `sudo gdmsetup` in a terminal). You then go to the 
Security tab and put a check next to "Allow local system administrator 

To login as root directly at all, you need to set a root password. You
can do that with:

$ sudo passwd

Then log out and, at the GDM login screen enter "root" and the newly 
established root password.

I've not done this in Ubuntu but, after setting the GDM to permit root 
login, I've used it successfully in both Debian Sarge and Debian Etch.
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