[SATLUG] 30th Spamiversary

Don Wright wmail at wricomp.com
Mon Apr 28 12:19:03 CDT 2008

In the [1]latest Risks-Forum Digest, the 30th anniversary of the first
spam message is noted:

  [Thanks to Mike Hogsett for noting this event, and Brad Templeton for
  recording it.]

What is allegedly the very first spam message was sent roughly 30 years
over the ARPANET:

The message is almost as notable for the recipient list as for the spam
concept itself. The discussion that followed has been repeated many
times since. Please see the Risks Digest for more details.  --Don

[1] Sunday 27 Apr 2008, Volume 25: Issue 13
    USENET: comp.risks  Risks Digest 25.13
    or your favorite search engine

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