[SATLUG] Thunderbird on the Linux desktop

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Apr 29 10:51:27 CDT 2008

A little back ground:
So, I've been getting into the Linux desktop gui now for about a month. 
I've found my way around, and have even come to accept the terminal
being in the same window I'm active with.  It helps when you're
cutting'n'pasting.  I've even converted all mail, chats, etc, over from
the evil, sinister Redmond-devil to the nice, cool soothing dulcet tones
of Penguin song.  Mind you, this is on my SuSE Linux Server that I've
been running since about Spring of 2002.  I Finally got enough RAM on
the Server, and can do -much- more than I could, with only 128k.  Up to
a half-gig on a system makes for a whole new world!

More recently, I've even put Ubuntu 8.04 (via Wubi) on the (*gasp*) XP
box, and it's dual-booting, with the intention of moving and shuffling
files hither and yon to free up some drive space so that they are all,
eventually, formatted in ext3 (or riesersfs, or something other Linux
specific).   I think a journaling file system is going to be required on
my 160g mp3 drive (that's full).  Fetchmail, sendmail, MailScanner, ssh
port redirection, dynamic name resolution from dyndns.org, tightvnc is
working for remote login1 and Life is good. 

I'm reminded of my daily mantra that I wish to share with ya;
"Today, I was able to wake up, walk, talk and bitch about things I can
not change. 
Today, I am too blessed to be stressed!"

So, with all that in mind, I'm not -quite- sitting here, all fat, dumb
and happy.  Oh, no, not me... I've got to find *something* to complain

So, at the risk of having Professor Dubbs tell me I have the
intelligence equivalent of an ice cube, (*gulp*) here goes.

The -one- little gripe I have, has to do with Thunderbird email client. 
Don't get me wrong, it's working great (except I'm puzzled as to why
after I subscribed to a couple of news-groups, I don't get any -more-
messages, but I'm sure it's just a setting I'm over-looking).

What I -don't- get, or see how to set anywhere, is an icon on the
taskbar (or somewhere) that says 'hey, there's mail here!"  When the
mail comes in, a small box pops up, gives the contents of the latest
fetchmail run after the mail is tossed to the appropriate folder and a
little sound plays, that I configured, and that's fine, *if* I'm sitting
here at the machine.  When I'm off on remote somewhere, and login to the
server from beyond the confines of the Great State of Texas, where do I
look to see the 'you've got mail' icon on the taskbar, that always
showed up on 'that other OS' desktop/taskbar? 

Or is this just another inane quest?


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