[SATLUG] HD Partitioning again

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 19:40:46 CDT 2008

Justin Burdette wrote:
> I'll be getting my new 750GB drive tomorrow, and I'm planning to keep my
> 200GB in with it. Currently my 200GB is divided like this:
> 30GB /

That's pretty generous.  You probably don't need that much.  Really 10G is a lot.

> 3GB swap

How much RAM do you have?  Generally you want swap to be twice RAM, but that 
falls apart when you have a lot of RAM.  I have 2G RAM and 2G swap, but my swap 
generally is 100% free.

> 74GB /home
> 77GB /common (I made that so all users could access pictures, music, video,
> etc.)
> What I'd like to do, ideally without having to reinstall my OS, is the
> following:
> 200GB drive:
> Set all but 12GB as /

Way too much.

> Remaining 12GB for swap

Again way too much.

> 750GB drive:
> 350GB for /home
> remaining for /common

What are you using /common for? I'd just create /home/common and set the 
permissions however you need them.  OTOH, it is your system, so its not that 
unreasonable to put something else in /.  Just not the usual practice.

Actually, I'd probably set the whole disk up using logical volume management and 
leave disk space I didn't need in the near future as empty.  Then you can just 
grow the partitions according to need.

> Is there a fairly safe way to resize the partitions on the 200GB after
> everything has been copied over? 

Sure.  Just fdisk and delete the partitions and recreate them to the size you 
want.  Or you can set up logical volumes there too.

> I'm pretty sure I can edit fstab without a problem.

Yes, that is easy.

   -- Bruce

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