[SATLUG] Re: SATLUG Digest, Vol 55, Issue 1

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Sat Aug 2 22:32:02 CDT 2008

On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 21:42 -0500, pixelnate at gmail.com wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 21:37 -0500, Thomas Cameron wrote:
> > Google maps for Treo kicks ass, but there is no GPS in the
> > 755p which sucks.
> > 
> Yeah, GPS is really a feature of the 3G phones. As the Palm OS will
> cannot make use of the extra bandwidth, and has no real multitasking
> abilities, it would be pointless to bring Palm OS devices to 3G and by
> extension include GPS.
> > I am *so* itching to get an iPhone now that it groks Cisco VPN.  I don't
> > give a hoot for the music playing capabilities, but the faux GPS and
> > mapping and web stuff is pretty awesome.
> Just remind yourself, it's a closed system, 

I'm pretty pragmatic about that.  I'm a F/OSS bigot for sure, but if
there is no F/OSS solution right now that does all the cool phone/PDA
stuff I need, I'm OK with buying something like a Palm or an iPhone.

> does not shoot video

I don't give a rat's ass about the multimedia stuff.  Pix and video and
music mean nada to me.

>  and has
> no real keyboard. 

I dunno - I have coworkers who have iPhones and they type as fast or
faster than I do on my Palm after a very short amount of practice.

> Plus, it's not on Verizon's network.

That's a HUGE issue.  I absolutely love Verizon's coverage as far as my
travel go.  I am on the road 3-5 days/week all over the US, and Verizon
only lets me down in Oklahoma.  Even there, I still get more than dialup
but less than ISDN speeds on my EVDO card and EVDO phone.

> Palm's new devices are supposed to be something special. We should know
> soon.

I've been hearing that for too long.  I've really, really lost faith in
Palm.  I also hear rumors that they are abandoning Palm OS and doing
Windows Mobile in the future.  I'll do iPod before I do Windows.


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