[SATLUG] Ubuntu Auto Update Puzzle

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Aug 3 21:12:11 CDT 2008

Don Wright wrote:
> On Sun, 03 Aug 2008 14:43:45 -0500, herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
>> ...  hoping one of you 
>> Ubuntu/Debian/Gnome users can agree that it is safe to trust the 
>> installer and proceed
> Apt/dpkg as used in Debian and derivatives is pretty safe - the package information
> includes what other files and libraries need to be present, and which need to be absent.
> Unless all the requirements are met, the package will not be installed. For example, if
> the update to whizbang-3.14 needs libfoo-28.3, and only -28.2 is currently available, then
> the updater (aptitude, synaptic, apt-get, or another front end to dpkg) won't
> automatically install whizbang-3.14 and leave it broken.
> Similarly, if installing libfoo-28.3 will break your whizbang-3.9, the updater will make
> sure the newer whizbang is installed at the same time as libfoo, so everything continues
> to work. All this depends on the continuing efforts of the package maintainers, who test
> each new upstream release and keep the package info updated so all this magic works as
> advertised.
> Of course there can be a few glitches. I was installing a server and found a particular
> package brought in the whole X windowing system, including a bunch of fonts. Turns out one
> of the packages had an optional GUI tool to manage its settings, and the GUI tool depended
> on having the whole GUI mess. Took a little hunting to find where to cut, but the package
> count is a lot lighter now.

Thanks. I do feel the awe of standing in great shadows every few days as 
I am notified of offered updates. ... Thinking to meself ... Why I 
cannot be so efficient? Why does my little world stay all messy? Why 
does clutter just clutter no mater what? When did I clean the case fans?

> Mostly I'd trust the updater.  --Don

Sure a grand record to do so.

> (You do have good backups, right?)
Gulp, weeeellll ... herb looks over shoulder at the checkered shadow of 
his chin nodding .... "You Bet!"

Thanks I guess a server is down somewhere since those 2 updates still 
refuse. All giggles aside the team totally deserves deep praise. It just 

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