[SATLUG] Ubuntu Auto Update Puzzle

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 02:00:16 CDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 9:12 PM, herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
> Don Wright wrote:
>> On Sun, 03 Aug 2008 14:43:45 -0500, herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
>>> ...  hoping one of you Ubuntu/Debian/Gnome users can agree that it is
>>> safe to trust the installer and proceed
>> Apt/dpkg as used in Debian and derivatives is pretty safe - the package
>> information
>> includes what other files and libraries need to be present, and which need
>> to be absent.
>> Unless all the requirements are met, the package will not be installed.
>> For example, if
>> the update to whizbang-3.14 needs libfoo-28.3, and only -28.2 is currently
>> available, then
>> the updater (aptitude, synaptic, apt-get, or another front end to dpkg)
>> won't
>> automatically install whizbang-3.14 and leave it broken.
>> Similarly, if installing libfoo-28.3 will break your whizbang-3.9, the
>> updater will make
>> sure the newer whizbang is installed at the same time as libfoo, so
>> everything continues
>> to work. All this depends on the continuing efforts of the package
>> maintainers, who test
>> each new upstream release and keep the package info updated so all this
>> magic works as
>> advertised.
>> Of course there can be a few glitches. I was installing a server and found
>> a particular
>> package brought in the whole X windowing system, including a bunch of
>> fonts. Turns out one
>> of the packages had an optional GUI tool to manage its settings, and the
>> GUI tool depended
>> on having the whole GUI mess. Took a little hunting to find where to cut,
>> but the package
>> count is a lot lighter now.
> Thanks. I do feel the awe of standing in great shadows every few days as I
> am notified of offered updates. ... Thinking to meself ... Why I cannot be
> so efficient? Why does my little world stay all messy? Why does clutter just
> clutter no mater what? When did I clean the case fans?
>> Mostly I'd trust the updater.  --Don
> Sure a grand record to do so.
>> (You do have good backups, right?)
> Gulp, weeeellll ... herb looks over shoulder at the checkered shadow of his
> chin nodding .... "You Bet!"
> Thanks I guess a server is down somewhere since those 2 updates still
> refuse. All giggles aside the team totally deserves deep praise. It just
> works!
> herb
> --

A server down could be the case.
I have run into a new error since I have been using the Synaptic
Package Manager (SPM).
Which I know is just a fancy GUI front-end for apt.
The new error is "broken" packages.
In the old pre-openSUSE, or Red Hat, days you had to dig around in the
file system to find where all the
package files were kept and find the ones that were "broken" and delete them.
Then the patches or updates would install. Same thing for broken
packages in SPM.
Sometimes you just have to delete them and start over.
Be careful if it says you need to delete 30, 40, 60 or 100 packages.
Never the right thing to do.
You are are looking at a re-install if you proceed with that action.
One of the reasons I quit using openSUSE was repository problems.
Updates were taking days to finish.
It is still "touch-n-go". They do a real good job for a "FREE" and
volunteer service.

P.S - I installed openSUSE 11.0. It only took 4x tries to get it
right. Some chicken, some feathers. Not all
openSUSE's fault. I have a non-standard LCD monitor that has suddenly
become a problem since xorg took over
from XFree. I found a parameter called x11failsafe that is a GRUB
command line option. Since I deleted all the original
xorg.conf files in a fit of rage I'm trying to find out what was in it
without doing a complete re-install. It worked GREAT!!!


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