[SATLUG] Live CD Solution/Open Source/Freeware

Don Jones n5wsw at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 09:44:26 CDT 2008

Good day, Gents & Ladies,

Nice to be back on the list missed a lot of you. 

Hello to those that were in all my classes at SAC... I am now at Texas State University, for a while.

A small question for the group:

Looking for a solution to stop a CD from running on a lock down stand along workstation or one in use.

Looking for Open Source or freeware if available.

Basically need to necessitate a radical secure box to be left in an open environment.

Any suggestion or appreciated. 

Don Jones, N5WSW
A Student of Life!

PS. for any OS, if anyone heard of something or know anyone I can collaborate with. 


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