[SATLUG] Re: SATLUG Digest, Vol 55, Issue 1

pixelnate at gmail.com pixelnate at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 11:10:03 CDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 07:18 -0500, John Pappas wrote:
> I was a big Palm fan also, but it does not look like Access (or Access Linux
> jp
> Platform = ALP) is going to save it.  Hopefully, Access will step up with a
> suitable replacement.  Until then, I am waiting to compare the BB Bold to
> iPhone 3G, both are closed, but I expect that next round after that will be
> much more interesting.

Access has nothing to do with the new Palm OS. It will be an all Palm
linux. Access only owns the source for the original Palm OS. ALP != Palm


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