[SATLUG] culture question

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Aug 4 11:22:50 CDT 2008

> There'll also be disagreement as to what constitutes "elegant" code. 
> Naming conventions of global variables or function parameters come to 
> mind or replacement of "if" statements with ? : sequences (e.g ( a == 0 
> ? 100 : 250 ) )  For beginning programmers "if" might be easier to 
> understand but "? :" in my opinion is more elegant and just as easy to 
> understand.
> ~Jaret
Maybe I I biased for experience but I would no more trust the judgment
of a rookie hacker over that of an experienced hacker then I would trust
the diagnosis of a pre-med student over that of a resident doctor.  That
said I think that the differenec in determining elegance lies with the
emphasis of the particular hacker.  If the hacker is more concerned with
minimizing his key strokes when coding they he/she might very well
choose the ? over if.  If however the hacker is more concerened with not
causing confusion with inexperienced hackers then the they might choose
if over ?.  I know that this need not be the only reasons for judging
the elegance of this particular method (I am sure that there are others)
but it seems reasonable to assume that this is at least one variable. 

thanks for your comments

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