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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Aug 4 13:03:50 CDT 2008

Jeremy Mann wrote:

> We do, and yes its used only to sync our departmental time server.
> That example was to tell Geoff that it was working fine on our end.

Cool.  My note was primarily intended to make people aware of the official 
"Rules of Engagement", and to encourage them to follow them.

To this, I will add that a number of sites that have public Stratum 1 time 
servers will actually set up firewall rules so that no NTP packets get into 
or out of the network, without being expressly approved by the 
system/network admins.  So, it is entirely possible that your packets make 
it through the firewall and Geoff's don't -- you have approval, and he doesn't.

I've tried contacting the servers, and they don't answer "ntpq -P" or "ntpq 
-c rv" queries, so they're definitely at least reasonably well locked down. 
  And I've tried "ntpdate -q tick.uh.edu" from several machines, including 
here at UT Austin and from the ntp.org servers, and I haven't had any luck. 
  So, it would seem to me they probably are firewalled off from anyone who 
does not have express approval to use them.

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