[SATLUG] Ubuntu Auto Update Puzzle

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Thu Aug 7 13:24:42 CDT 2008

Thanks Ed didn't even think of that. The next  update request 
sucessfully installed those two failed DL URLs but if I had said yes 
then the Mgr would have excluded those and updated the rest of the 
group. So choosing yes in the dialog "Proceed Anyway" box is safe to do. 
Least my reasoning is I am already trusting the Mgr so extend the basic 

Not to beat a dead horse but this did cause me to think a bit deeper 
into the role that the Linux Distributor plays to insure the program 
package gets fitted with the right hooks into the Linux Kernal and I 
suppose also into X for the chosen GUI and/or Command Interpreter  so 
the function of the team is to keep the as built production control intact
> I've discovered that if you go into the Synaptic Package Manager, 
> click Settings/Repositories, that you can change your download site to 
> almost anywhere in the world.  I've had trouble with both the "Main," 
> and "U.S" sites in the past (receiving similar errors to Herb's), so, 
> I either select a U.K site, or let Ubuntu select the best site it can 
> reach.  Once done, your Update Manager will follow your cue, and 
> download from the site you've selected.
> Cheers!
> Ed

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