[SATLUG] Ubuntu and 64bit Systems (swiped from UTSA)

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 14:53:29 CDT 2008

Hi Folks...
> [Snip]
>>> Also, would any of you fine Linux enthusiasts be willing to help me figure
>>> out why my new 64bit Hardy Herron (ubuntu) install doesn't like my built-in
>>> wireless (stupid broadcom)? I've had trouble with broadcom cards before.
>>> Would it kill them to suppy a Linux driver? Anyway, I'd be willing of course
>>> to drive to... wherever (within Santonioland). I'd even buy the beer (or
>>> coffee, whatever) if someone would help. It's in a new HP Pavilion lappy. I
>>> love my new computer, but using the dozer (That's what I call windoze.) is
>>> KILLing me, but I need wireless...[snip]
I'm looking at buying a new (or refurb'd) machine in the very near 
future to replace my crashed Windoze media (music and video) server (I'm 
all Linux at home now...).  I've seen some good-to-great price offerings 
on both Intel Xeon and AMD Phenom systems, but I'm curious and a little 
bit concerned over the problems I'm hearing about Ubuntu and 64bit 
architecture.  Several questions come to mind as I get ready for my 
purchase(s). Can y'all help?

1. An AMD feind since the brand came out, I'm wondering: which CPU setup 
would y'all actually recommend as best suited to Ubuntu versions 7.04 - 
8.04 in a 64bit environment?

2. What are the issues with 64bit systems and the apparent need for 4+GB 
of RAM?  Can It load as a 32bit OS on a muti-core machine?  If so, what 
would I lose if I did it that way?  How much RAM would I need then?

3. For this machine, I'm not overly concerned about wireless networking, 
as it'll be directly wire-connected to my router.  However, I'd like to 
know if the system, under Ubuntu, might be multi-homed, and run more 
than one NIC with more than one usable IP address (true server fashion)?

4. Which video card(s) would you recommend, with how much RAM on board, 
to handle this monster and permit the full use of Emerald and/or 

Nuff questions for one day?  I hope...   Any help here would be greatly 


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