[SATLUG] Looking for new system

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 15:33:44 CDT 2008

Note: I'm starting a new thread.

ed wrote:

 > I'm looking at buying a new (or refurb'd) machine in the very near
 > future to replace my crashed Windoze media (music and video) server (I'm
 > all Linux at home now...).  I've seen some good-to-great price offerings
 > on both Intel Xeon and AMD Phenom systems, but I'm curious and a little
 > bit concerned over the problems I'm hearing about Ubuntu and 64bit
 > architecture.  Several questions come to mind as I get ready for my
 > purchase(s). Can y'all help?
 > 1. An AMD feind since the brand came out, I'm wondering: which CPU setup
 > would y'all actually recommend as best suited to Ubuntu versions 7.04 -
 > 8.04 in a 64bit environment?
 > 2. What are the issues with 64bit systems and the apparent need for 4+GB
 > of RAM?  Can It load as a 32bit OS on a muti-core machine?  If so, what
 > would I lose if I did it that way?  How much RAM would I need then?
 > 3. For this machine, I'm not overly concerned about wireless networking,
 > as it'll be directly wire-connected to my router.  However, I'd like to
 > know if the system, under Ubuntu, might be multi-homed, and run more
 > than one NIC with more than one usable IP address (true server fashion)?
 > 4. Which video card(s) would you recommend, with how much RAM on board,
 > to handle this monster and permit the full use of Emerald and/or
 > Compiz-Beryl?

I'm a bit confused by your requirements.  You say that you want a media server 
and then talk about video cards.  Is it a server or a workstation?

If you just want to work as a media server, I wouldn't do a PC at all.  I'd just 
get a small enclosure to host drives via samba/nfs.  You don't need a keyboard, 
mouse, or screen.  Typically these systems are managed through a web interface.

Something like


might work for you.  Just google for network storage.

   -- Bruce

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