[SATLUG] Looking for new system

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Thu Aug 7 23:41:32 CDT 2008

> I'm looking for the punch of a gamer's machine, but with the storage and 
> distribution capacity of a server.  That's asking lots, I know, but I've 
> done it before in that other environment, and would like to do it again 
> with Linux in a 64bit environment.

I built a similar machine and learned quite abit about the process.

My set up:
asus p5n-e sli
intel q6600
gemini II heat sink
nvidia 9800gtx
4 x 320 gig samgsun set up as raid5
4 gig ocz sli matched pair at 800 mhz
antec 9 ninehundred
ultra 800 watt power supply

- should have gone with an crossfire board. Nvidia only supports sli in
linux up to 8 bit. Crossfire supports 16 bit in linux
- mobo is overclockable in windoze but overclocking in linux with this
board makes her very unstable

the case - If you are going to be running 4 or more hd and at least 1
highend video card then you will love this box.  200 mm fan on top
sucking out the heat, 2 90 mm sucking cool air aver the hard drives, 1
90 blowing cool air on your video cards and 2 90 mm sucking air out the
back and 2 90mm on my gemini 2 heat sink.  That said Antec came out with
the 1200 which is a server size also comes with washable filters for the
fans. Something I has to rig up for my 900. 
the power sink: the gemeni 2 is a big mutha of a sink but it keeps my
cpu cool as ice when overclocking my wintendo.

if you are going to run more then 2 video cards then get a powersuply
that is 750 watt or better.  This is especially true if you have 4 or
more dirves. If you are concered about going as green as possible
consider waiting for the new nvidia 200 series. check the list I posted
an article about the card last week for more detail.
I really love my case and am a big fan of antec so I can not recomend
the antec 1200 enough. 


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