[SATLUG] Cheap upgrade

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at camerontech.com
Tue Aug 12 20:35:01 CDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-11 at 18:26 -0500, Geoff wrote: 
> Well, I did find out that the Compaq Professional Workstation AP550
> (that I'm using as my Linux server) will accept up to 1GHz Coppermine
> CPUs.  With the help of another list member, I was able to secure a pair
> of aforementioned CPU's.  We're just waiting for them to be delivered
> before they can be installed. 
> What an upgrade, eh?  From a single 733MHz cpu to go to a pair of 1GHz
> cpus!
> ~*WOW!*~
> ...~whew~... uhm.. hmm. wait a second... I'm thinking here...  (don't
> let the smoke from the wheels scare you!)
> Ok.  here goes.
> I believe that upgrading the processing horsepower of the system without
> upgrading the ram, is like shoe-horning in a 402, long-stroke, big-bore
> engine in place of a straight 6 250cui engine and not upgrade the
> transmission.
> SOMEONE out there has some Rambus Ram, to work in this machine.
> I have (3) 64meg sticks, (6) 128meg sticks (4 currently in use, 1 more
> good and 1 bad) and (2) 256meg sticks.
> For whatever reason, this system will not allow the mixing of a pair of
> 256meg sticks of ram with a pair of 128meg sticks of ram.  Also, I can
> not mix the 64meg ram with the 128meg ram.
> So, I'm back... looking for someone to trade me... You can have -all- of
> the rambus ram I have, in trade for as much rambus ram I can get.
> Surely -someone- out there still has some old rambus ram that they don't
> want/need any more.
> Thanks for your consideration.
> -Geoff

I got so PO'd at my old systems with RAMBUS that I threw 'em in the
recycle bin ages ago.

Better use of your time to go to Fry's and pick up a mobo/proc combo for
cheap and but a gig of memory for $30 to go with it.

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