[SATLUG] Cheap upgrade

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Tue Aug 12 21:33:12 CDT 2008

> I guess I'm saying I understand where you're coming from.  If you are a
> hobbyist, tinkering and keeping old systems up is fun.  For me, I guess
> I've gotten to the point where these things are productivity tools first
> and foremost.  I want fast and mindless.  I don't want to tinker any
> more.
> Thomas
I feel you there.  I have my own custom built that is meant for nothing
more then to see how much I can get out of her.  (Yes my box is a she)
That said I am not building my 5 year olds a machine like this, rather I
am taking those old P4 boards and building them boxes that they can
learn on.  In the end it all depends on what your needs and wants are.


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