[SATLUG] Music media - CDs

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Tue Aug 12 23:03:48 CDT 2008

I don't believe it's a flaw in XP.  It looks more like Konqueror is 
showing some audio track access/ripping shortcuts for you without 
actually having to run some sort of file conversion first.  In fact, it 
sounds like the total size of all the files listed might actually take 
up more room than you would have available on the disc!

For example, I suspect that copying the .ogg files to your hard-drive 
would just run the file conversion/compression routine to do the copying 
& conversion for you in one step (without opening a separate audio 
conversion program to do that for you).

Al Lesmerises

Michael wrote:
> Any knowledgeable people on music CDs out there?
> This is the scoop: when I open up my brand new Shelby Lynne cd in 
> Windows Explorer, it shows 10 files named Track01.cda through 
> Track10.cda.
> Now, if I reboot to Kubuntu and open Shelby Lynne´s CD in Konqueror, 
> it is totally different:
> CD
> Information
> Vorbis
> Shelby Lynne - 01 - Just A Little Lovin'.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 02 - Anyone Who Had A Heart.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 03 - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 04 - I Only Want To Be With You.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 05 - The Look Of Love.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 06 - Breakfast In Bed.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 07 - Willie And Laura Mae Jones.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 08 - I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 09 - Pretend.wav
> Shelby Lynne - 10 - How Can I Be Sure.wav
> The first four files show up as directories.  As the name of the 
> directory implies, in the CDA directory, the same 10 files that show 
> up in Windows show up.  In the Information directory is the CDDB text 
> file.  In the Vorbis directory are the 10 files in ogg format.  In the 
> CD directory are three large files, all titled the same as the CD 
> (Just a Little Lovin´), with the three different extensions, .cda, 
> .wav (both 397 MB) and one with the .ogg extension which is only 29.8 MB.
> So, is it safe to assume that all these files and directories are 
> actually on the CD, but only the .cda files show up in Windows?   If 
> so, rhetorical question - why would it do that?  By design?  A flaw in 
> MS XP?
> Michael

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