[SATLUG] Re-Mount/Move/Link /home to a NTFS/vfat partition?

KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 20:19:03 CDT 2008

Can it be done? I've sepnt a few odd hours last coupla days trying to get it. Using ubuntu 8.04.1

I dual-boot XP and ubuntu. In XP I have used two partitions for YEARS. One for OS and one for redirecting My Documents to. Tried putting folder called "home" in the root of that partition. Folder called "kc" in that. Put all /home/kc/.system.files and all in the "kc" folder... and then put my Windows My Documents folder in with them as well in a folder I usually call docs. Told XP where to find "docs" in its new location, said "Hi" to all the .-files... they looked cozy enough in there...

I want to be able to be one or two clicks away from the same documents in either OS. But ALSO, as I use ubuntu/.Linux more and more... (prolly at 75% ubuntu for now but I won't ever stop dual-booting due to employment-reasons/flexibility... either way,) I wanna keep-keeping my My Documents on a separate partition but still keep my .configuration files from Linux in a safe spot, too. I was hoping to keep them both in the same safe spot.

As it stands thus far, my attempts at

sudo mount /dev/sda2 /home


sudo mount /dev/sda2 /docs
ln -s /docs /home

neither of them works.
Gnome tells me it cant find the /home/kc dir when it boots.
I can CTRL-ALT-Fx to get to the command-line and manually delete the /home-empty link or remount the /docs partition and I can get it to work... but not be persistent past a reboot.

Tried putting the mount in fstab, but I found some gibberish guid references in there telling me even fstab has gone "complicated" now... sheesh!

Tried some permissions-tweaking, too... but I burned out for the time-being and thought I would ask the Collective...  ;-)  

thx in advance for your help and ideas...


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