[SATLUG] Firewall Question

Ramon Hermida rhermida at utpa.edu
Thu Aug 14 13:19:09 CDT 2008

I would recommend going with a distro that specializes in the
firewalling area.  I am familiar with the following two:


Both are fairly easy to install and maintain.  Both of these can also
run on very modest system specs, so you can recycle an older system for
this.  I like IPcop better, but that is IMHO.



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On 8/14/08, Kevin Flanagan wrote:

>  I use monowall, works great and is pretty simple to setup.
>  http://m0n0.ch/wall/

That's a good FreeBSD 4.x based solution, whereas pfSense is a 
FreeBSD 6.x based solution in the same space.  I'm sure there are 

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