[SATLUG] Toshiba Laptop with Atheros WIFI Card

Mario Compean mariocompeanc at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 13:28:12 CDT 2008

Last month I bought a Toshiba Laptop Model P305D-S8828 on-sale  ($699) at a local Circuit City that has an Atheros WIFI Card.  In addition to the price  the Atheros WIFI Card  was a big factor in my decision to buy it since I had read at several forums  that atheros-based cards worked in Linux.  So far I have only loaded SUSE 11.0 and Mandriva 2008 live cd distros on it.  PCLOS 2007 live cd would not load. Mandriva recognized  and configured it with a few clicks of the mouse without any problems, but not so for the wired network card. SUSE wanted me to configure  it using NDIS wrapper, which I did not attempt. Hope this is useful. 



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