[SATLUG] Re-Mount/Move/Link /home to a NTFS/vfat partition?

Henry Pugsley henry.pugsley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 18:05:32 CDT 2008

BTW I don't think it is a good idea to store your entire home directory on a
non-native Linux partition.  Permissions can get mangled if you change
anything while in Windows, which could wreak havoc with your Linux
configuration files.


On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 8:19 PM, KC <kcoriginal at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Can it be done? I've sepnt a few odd hours last coupla days trying to get
> it. Using ubuntu 8.04.1
> I dual-boot XP and ubuntu. In XP I have used two partitions for YEARS. One
> for OS and one for redirecting My Documents to. Tried putting folder called
> "home" in the root of that partition. Folder called "kc" in that. Put all
> /home/kc/.system.files and all in the "kc" folder... and then put my Windows
> My Documents folder in with them as well in a folder I usually call docs.
> Told XP where to find "docs" in its new location, said "Hi" to all the
> .-files... they looked cozy enough in there...
> I want to be able to be one or two clicks away from the same documents in
> either OS. But ALSO, as I use ubuntu/.Linux more and more... (prolly at 75%
> ubuntu for now but I won't ever stop dual-booting due to
> employment-reasons/flexibility... either way,) I wanna keep-keeping my My
> Documents on a separate partition but still keep my .configuration files
> from Linux in a safe spot, too. I was hoping to keep them both in the same
> safe spot.
> As it stands thus far, my attempts at
> sudo mount /dev/sda2 /home
> and
> sudo mount /dev/sda2 /docs
> ln -s /docs /home
> neither of them works.
> Gnome tells me it cant find the /home/kc dir when it boots.
> I can CTRL-ALT-Fx to get to the command-line and manually delete the
> /home-empty link or remount the /docs partition and I can get it to work...
> but not be persistent past a reboot.
> Tried putting the mount in fstab, but I found some gibberish guid
> references in there telling me even fstab has gone "complicated" now...
> sheesh!
> Tried some permissions-tweaking, too... but I burned out for the time-being
> and thought I would ask the Collective...  ;-)
> thx in advance for your help and ideas...
> kc
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