[SATLUG] Networking: Hardy and Novatel 727 USB card

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Aug 17 21:36:36 CDT 2008

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
>> Thanks Tim, and Don!  I'll look at these sites and read them to see what I
>> might be able to do with it...The next version of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex comes
>> out in October and it's supposed to make this thing work right out of the
>> box!
> Someone else suggested trying MINT Elyssa Main so I'm going to try that too
> if nothing else works!
> Have any of you used MINT?
> Thank you all so much!  You've always been a great source of information and
> help to dummies like me!  cheryl

I booted a Mint OS Live CD to my laptop, and my desktop, but it wouldn't
'sense' the screen correctly.  I couldn't see all of it.  It needed too
much 'tweaking' to be aesthetically pleasing, from the get-go.

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