Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Sun Aug 17 23:11:04 CDT 2008

no, not the kind you eat ;-)

I'm in the process of moving the data from my good ol' 30gig drive to an
80gig drive to eventually retire the 30g in favor of the 80 (and 50g
more room) to add the 160g ide and later a 200gig ide drive, for 440g
(nearly half a terrabyte) on my server.

As of this moment, three partitions have been created on the 80gig
drive... /boot (/dev/sdb1), a 1gig(*) swap partition (/dev/sdb2) and the
rest of the drive fo data (/dev/sdb3)

The 30gig drive, and current host to -everything- (/dev/sda) has /boot
(/dev/sda1), 512meg swap (/dev/sda2) and the rest of the drive set to data.

At the suggestion of a very esteem and learned colleague, the process
should go something like:

boot to a live-cd distro, mount /dev/sda3 to /mnt1, and /dev/sdb3 to
/mnt2, then...

(cd /mnt1 && tar cf - . ) | (cd /mnt2 ; tar xfp -)

This starts tarring on one side (in this case, /mnt1, which is where
/dev/sda3 is mounted), and outputs it to the other side (/mnt2 which is
where /dev/sdb3 is mounted)
This was in progress last night, and like a dumbass, I went and ran my
cron-tab 'time' script, which goes out and updates the system with ntp
from the 4 time servers in the area (Thanks, Bruce!).

Now, this tar'ing thing was going fine, and dandy, until it errored out
on some files in which the destination was 'newer' than the source. 
(/me whistles innocently, looking around hoping no one notices...)  so,
I'm gonna wipe out the data that's in /dev/sdb3 now, boot to a live-cd,
mount like I said before, and start the tar process.

Let's keep in mind, most of the time, I like building my own, or fixing
my own stuff.  Sometimes, it's a bit beyond my personal level of
expertise and  I need 'yet another' expert opinion.  I don't want to
take anything away from my friend who suggested this move, but I like
 That, and I know that there are more ways than one to skin felines. 
;-)   The more I ask, the more I learn.  I am the student, y'all are the
instructors.  Give me your best, if you think there's another way.  
This good idea I got from my friend last night needs yet to be implemented.

 One more thing before I get started on it, though, I need your opinion
on if it's a good way to go (I think it's a solid implementation) or
not, and 2ndly,
...  what's the best way to install 'grub' on /dev/sdb1 ?

I know, I know... JFGI! 

Well, a'Googling I went, and got -one- answer that just didn't seem to
fit the equation what-so-ever...
"Another nice feature of GRUB is that it supports reiserfs so I don't
need to keep my /boot file in a separate ext2 partition."

Huh?  /boot should always be a separate partition, from all I've known
and learned.

So, that tells me 'I really don't want to trust google's results'.  What
do ya'll think?

(* = 1gig swap size was opted for because the system will soon be
upgraded from 512 to 1gig RAM, and (one) 1GHz cpu  has been installed,
with the soon-to-be addition of a 2nd 1GHz cpu as soon as I get a
'power-up' plug from Compaq for their motherboard.

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