[SATLUG] testing my new gmail apps acct for my domain

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Mon Aug 18 02:28:36 CDT 2008

Grande has usenet, if you can make the switch.

Michael wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> John Champion wrote:
>> [deleted]
>> These testing messages are not appreciated.  For every email that you 
>> send to the list for *your* testing, a message is sent to 567 
>> subscribers.
>> Try using something that is designed for testing.  Do some googling.
>> Others may have some sites that can be used.  Just don't use this list.
>>   -- Bruce
> Personally, they don't bother me, but I can certainly understand that it 
> might bother others.
> Try:  news.mozilla.org new server and the newsgroup mozilla.test
> Not to get off the subject and hijack a thread, but I just moved to the 
> area and signed
> up for internet access through Time Warner Cable.   For all of you that 
> lived here a while,
> you probably already know that they discontinued their Usenet access.  
> This was news to
> me.  I was rather  disappointed, but for the /constructive/ uses of 
> Usenet, the free news
> server news.mozilla.org works just fine.  As for the, um, other uses, 
> well, they are limited
> in the types of news groups that they carry.  ;)
> Michael

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