[SATLUG] Networking:Hardy and Novatel 727 USB card, John, Geoff

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Aug 18 10:33:56 CDT 2008

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Thank you John...but I don't know how to do those things.  And I have to do
> it for both the modem and the SD card?
> Good to know about your issues Geoff...Thank you too.  Mom's PC is an i386.
> Is yours a much newer laptop?  Dual core? Or older like our PC's are?  Just
> curious...These old babies seem to LOVE anything Linux!  cheryl

My laptop is a Gateway, and is a couple of years old.  I bought it new
from Best Buy, in New Orleans, in October of 2006, for under $600
It's a 1.5GHz machine with 512meg of RAM, and a 60gig harddrive, with
built in NIC, wi-fi (that I can -not- get ndiswrapper to get 'wrapped
around'), modem, SDRam slot for camera-style memory cards, dual usb
ports, a pcmcia slot and a killer screen that supports resolution up to
1280x756 (widescreen).

Linux will generally work in older systems better than it will if you
buy something 'state-of-the-art', but the gap between how old and how
new of a system linux will run on is rapidly shrinking.

I would personally forecast that in the next 12 to 24 months, there
won't be any support for non-sata hard drives. 

For example, I haven't seen a system that supported arc-net in a -long-

Hardware and therefore software support comes and goes.  Much like the
DIP IC's that used to be ram was replaced by 30-pin simms that was then
replaced with the 72-pin simms, and up, onward and beyond!

Does anyone remember MFM and RLL  hard drives?  I can remember when a
'disc crash' would allow you to wear a golden colored over-grown CD on
your head like a hat.  BIG ol' platters.  Mainframe days type of stuff. 
I don't think modern day kernels would support something -that- old.

Speaking of, though - I probably have some older versions of SuSE (7.0,
8.0 and 9.0) if someone has an 'older' machine and would like to run
Linux on it.  Keep in mind though, there won't be any support for
software this old.  That said, the offer stands.


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