Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 18 14:46:30 CDT 2008

After struggling all summer, I have wireless working, and the GOLD medal 
goes to Jim, tsuehpsyed.  On 2008/07/31, he suggested that I try a 
32-bit version of Umbutu.  I wasn't aware that I had that choice, with 
my 64-bit system, but  I learned that I did and finally downloaded the 
32-bit version of Ubuntu 8.04.1.  Here is what worked:

1. I made a clean, new installation of 8.04.
2.  I used Synaptic Package Manager to install the three components of 
the GUI ndiswrapper,
3. "ndiswrapper -l" showed that the driver was installed and the 
hardware was present.
4.  "modprobe ndiswrapper" loaded the module.
5.  Then I tried "sudo lspci -nn," "sudo iwconfig," and "sudo ifconfig" 
to check.  They all indicated success.
6.  I tried to connect and was reminded to supply the network password.
7.  Tried Firefox.  Success!  For the record, this was with an Encore 
ENLWI-G2 PCI card, Realtek RTL-8185 chip set (rev 20).

Actually, once I got it right, it was easy.

Thank you to everyone who helped me.

Andy Pickens
San Antonio
"Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't."

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