[SATLUG] RE: Becoming a Linux Engineer

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Tue Aug 19 14:53:17 CDT 2008

>>CentOS IS RHEL. Only the labels have been changed to protect the ... ... .. You
get the point!
>> They almost have matching md5s... They are so the exact same. If you wanna practice
for RHCE, 
>>CentOS is the absolute, positive, (2nd-)best way to go.. Next to using RHEL, itself,
of course!

>He is right, I have 60+ RHEL 4 machines and about 10 RHEL 5 machines and i have
a few instances of CentOS here at 
>home to poop around on. You cannot tell the difference at first glance (and there
are only a few tell tale signs anyway). 
>Also don't get to hung up on Fedora 9 quite yet if you are attempting a career
as a UNIX/Linux Admin.
>Fedora 9 is nice (and it is always nice to learn all the new stuff available in
it, I use gentoo to try out new stuff all the time) 
>but it is a little "cutting edge" for most businesses. It will be a little while
(RHEL 6 maybe) before the changes from 9 will get
>implemented into the RHEL release. So the best way to study is with what is currently
being taught in the RHCE classes 
>(which is RHEL 5)

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