[SATLUG] RE: Becoming a Linux Engineer

Wayne Walker wwalker at bybent.com
Thu Aug 21 22:05:40 CDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 10:41:02AM -0500, K. Reginald Buckner wrote:
> I was orginally going for Red Hat RHCT/RHCE but i stopped for 2 reasons.
>  a) Fedora: I have a hard time getting Red Hat Enterprise Desktop and was
> using Fedora & to help get practice.
> I cannot upgrade to fedora 8 or 9 because of issues very time I burn a disc
> it has too many errors.
> b) I started to see how good Suse Linux was and equal to Red Hat in so many
> ways and exceed in others.
> Now here it what I am wondering . Can somebody tell me what skills you would
> look for from a Linux Engineer?

Real knowledge of linux inside and out, and DNS, routing, and IP.

But, first and foremost, in depth knowledge of RHEL.  Sorry, but SuSE
is big in Europe, not so big here.  Every gig I've had has been RHEL,
CentOS, or in the old days RHL.


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