[SATLUG] RE: Becoming a Linux Engineer

Sean I siffland at nerdshack.com
Fri Aug 22 14:12:44 CDT 2008

> Now here it what I am wondering . Can somebody tell me what skills you would
> look for from a Linux Engineer?

>Real knowledge of linux inside and out, and DNS, routing, and IP.

>But, first and foremost, in depth knowledge of RHEL.  Sorry, but SuSE
>is big in Europe, not so big here.  Every gig I've had has been RHEL,
>CentOS, or in the old days RHL.

Some of us don't get to have a choice, RHEL is the only Linux System
our government customer will allow us to use.  If i worked for another
company I would use CentOS, due to the support available to RHEL and
CentOS along with the industry's "acceptance" (I use that word
lightly) of it as an enterprise Linux OS.

Security is a good skill for a Linux Engineer.  We have a security
team and they send us security bugs and dates in which to get them
fixed, but you also have to learn what on you machine is vulnerable
and how to fix it.  I have seen a lot of places who assume because
they are behind a firewall and only their employees are able to access
the network and machines that they don't have anything to worry
about(i think a lot of people have seen those places...yeah a server
named payroll).  Who here trusts everyone they work with, especially
when someone like a database administrator start talking about
compiling programs in their home directory.  Or who checks their logs
for suspicious activity?  Maybe be able to set up a good host-based
intrusion detection.  It is a good subject to spend some time on.
Some people call us paranoid but i prefer.....well uh, yeah i guess
paranoid sums it up well.


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