[SATLUG] Re: About being Linux Engineer

K. Reginald Buckner buckmiester35 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 14:15:35 CDT 2008

To all those who gave me their advice about what you would look for in a
Linux Engineer, thanks a lot. Those various suggestions I have received will
help me greatly in preparing for certification. I constantly use Linux
regularly so a lack of hands on experience is not an issue. I liked everyone
sharing their experience that helps a lot.

So is RHCE the best liunux cert? Doesn't that only apply to just Red Hat
Enterprise Linux though? Hey if I had a Cisco Certified Internetworking
Expert (CCIE) as an example yeah I would know Cisco networking inside and
out but that does not mean I would know Juniper or HP Procurve which are
excellent network product choices to deploy. Plus I have hands on experience
with commercial Unix (Solaris, AIX) and BSD but they are different than
Linux.I was looking at providing alternative choice to Red Hat in various
vertical markets.

That is why I wanted to learn Suse Linux as a another choice than Red Hat.
The Novelll Certified Linux Engineer(CLE) is a practicum test  that
is hands on not a multiple choice test as well. I know that RHCE is usually
respected because it is an hands on test. But I am not the smartest guy on
earth but I can hold my own if need be..
Since Microsoft and Novell have interoperability agreement there is more
possible Commercial deployment in the future. Plus SAP is certified to run
on SUSE Linux and lots of government and business depend on SAP software.

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