[SATLUG] Re: Using Linux OS as an alternative

K. Reginald Buckner buckmiester35 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 15:15:06 CDT 2008

I saw some comments that concerned me as a Linux power user:

> I really need to get Mom's pc going asap and can't do it in Hardy since
> that Novatel USB modem has to be initialized by a Windows PC which neither
> of us have or have access too.

No, you don't have to have Microsoft Windows to initialize the device. Most
products have support for MAC and Linux. Usually you have to contact the
vendor or find open source projects who give help in that area. Using Ubuntu
Hardy Heron is easier than XP/Vista because it does not have the registry
and DLL dilemna that MS does. Use Synaptic Package Manager search on keyword
to find the package or software you are looking for. If not try the Ubuntu
newbie forum or Sourceforge for most anything you need.

That Novatel broadband card has Linux drivers as well. Here is the URL from
Sprint to download the setup guide for the USB modem:


It not that Linux is hard to use or you have to be an engineer to figure it
out.  Open Source is empowerment to the user not the software company. That
being said you just have to be aware of some basics.
Eeverything you get is yours and there are not limits to copies or how you
use it. I believe in FOSS and I do think you will too. The Linux
documentation project has HOWTO for just about evenything.


The Linux Newbie Guide is a great place to start:


I'm such a newbie to Linux...and I just can't seem to learn it on my
> own...Maybe Linux is just too far over my head...it does seem one has to be
> an engineer to use it.  I'm not one, and apparently not smart enough to
> figure any of it out on my own.  I suppose that's why MS is so
> popular..anyone can use it.

I am sure it is hard in the beginning but in short order, you be more than
swift at anything Linux. You will see. Microsoft is not easier just more
infected.... ( security bugs) hahahahaha!!!!

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