[SATLUG] Local Library's Linux server needs help

Chris crynosys at grandecom.net
Mon Aug 25 23:45:49 CDT 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:
> Would they be ok using gmail/google apps?  Is the web part a web server, or
> just access to the internet?  Is their network wired/wireless? Would a
> WRT54G suffice for dns/dhcp/firewall/router?  I'm just trying to gauge the
> need on their end to pair something usable with it.  If they have light
> usage, it may be easier to transition them to free web based services
> (google has a nice non-profit setup) and maybe a WRT54G (or something a
> little more powerful if they need it.)  If their needs are heavier, then
> perhaps a dedicated box with the services you mentioned might be better.  I
> could probably donate an older dell P4 slim case desktop with maxed out ram
> and a decent HDD if need be.  I also have a spare WRT54G lying around that
> could go to the cause if needed.
That's very generous but I think they have or are willing to buy new
They lack the knowledge of whats needed  to replace/update their aging
server setup.
I thought about a wrt54g, but will it support 20 clients?
I was under the impression that 10 was the usable limit.
Their current web page is pretty flat, no flash or PHP.

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