[SATLUG] TrendNet serial modem (Mom's dial up modem)

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 07:37:29 CDT 2008

I'm in the process of getting this
TrendNet TFM 560X serial modem setup on Hardy.  We had Gutsy on here when I
originally set it up and it was a pia to get it to work....I'm hoping what I
did is because it's easier ? to set up in Hardy...??

I have Gnome PPP on here...I set up the dialing properties in it from
Applications>Internet>Gnome PPP...Then I went into "terminal" and did
sudo.GnomePPP config going through the entire process there.

Haven't gone into
Network Proxy
Network Tools

yet because I still have my ethernet connected and not the serial modem.
Next I plane to disconnect my ethernet, connect the modem up to the pc and
check those things to see if I need to input anything else....and see if
Hardy recognizes the modem.

Is there anything else you can think of I need to do to be certain it will
work at Mom's?

Is there something I need to do in "terminal" for a driver for the modem???

I'll google to see if there is a list of compatible dial up modems for Hardy
anyplace...but since this one was compatible in Gutsy..even tho it took me a
week to get it going...I figured it must be supported.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

I can't really test it here on dial up because Mom's numbers are all
different than mine and I want to make sure it will work at her house.

I'm also going to clean it inside really well before I give it back to her.

Are there any AT modem commands you can recommend that might make it connect
quicker to websites maybe?  If so, which ones would you try?  I'll write
them down to take with me over there and test them out.  Or are those "modem
specific?"  If so, I can google those too...I may anyway just to check.  Are
there any commands I can enter into "terminal" to speed up loading of
webpages in dialup?

Any recommended tweaks in "system monitor" things I can perhaps remove
safely to help with the speed...(COU)..like things I can safely turn off???
I would delete them from the "system monitor" right?  stuff like
"bluetooth"  haven't done that before so I'm assuming I would just right
click ond delete them correct?

Thanks very much for your help in advance.  I truly appreciate it! lc

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