[SATLUG] stay away from verizon wireless unless you have a win pc

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Aug 31 07:11:25 CDT 2008

> To be clear, only the initial activation requires Windows.  After the
> initial activation, nearly any EVDO/HSPDA card will work in Linux.  There
> are some resellers that sell pre-activated cards, and some corporate stores
> can assist with the initial activation to avoid the need for Windows.
> Unfortunately,  >90% of the customers are Windows, and as a result, even Mac
> users are hit or miss.
> I am sorry that you had a bad experience, but the small inconvenience for
> initial activation on Windows is worth it to have Internet nearly
> everywhere.
> jp

Just curious - can't you just hook up your phone directly to the laptop?
Sure, it would probably not be possible to make phone calls while on internet,
but I just hook my Razr to my laptop using a USB cable and that works out of
the box, no initialization needed. I only use it as a regular dialup modem,
since I don't want to pay for EVDO, so I have Internet everywhere, but only
at dialup speed. Can you use a phone for EVDO connections out of the box as 
well, or do phones also require Windows initialization?

P.S. I would write a letter to national Verizon customer relations and
bitterly complain about your experience. If they choose not to support
Linux, the least they should be able to do is to initialize it for you.
They got plenty of windows computers in their offices, and why not have 
the software there to handle your request? Is this a USB, PCI or PCMCIA
card? If the latter, they may not have notebooks laying around, but they
should just get an adapter instead.


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