[SATLUG] stay away from verizon wireless unless you have a win pc

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Aug 31 13:45:10 CDT 2008

> but I just hook my Razr to my laptop using a USB cable and that works out of
> > the box, no initialization needed. I only use it as a regular dialup modem,
>  IIRC, you are using minutes when connected that way, since you have
> established a dialup "cirucuit", rather than using EVDO/GPRS packet
> switching.

Yes, of course you are using minutes (unless it is weekend or nights, when it
is free), but my point was you don't pay anything extra.

> I bet you are not getting much more than 14.4Kb.  I would be interested to
> know what a speed test would show.  It can't be very fast....

14.4 is about it. With VJ compression it is quite workable for 
terminal text based stuff like e-mail and lynx, or reading NYTimes
which doesn't have too many graphics in it. I wouldn't recommend it
for graphics heavy browsing.

> > Can you use a phone for EVDO connections out of the box as
> > well, or do phones also require Windows initialization?
> The initialization for the phones must occur before you can make a call.
> Since there is a UI on the phone, there is no need for software.  The cards
> have no inherent UI, so the software (Written for windows) has to interface
> with the modem to "activate".

Ok then, this would be another alternative.

> Agreed. I have activated my last couple cards (ExpressCard/USB) through USB
> sharing and a VMWare WindowsXP VM.  They used to have a PC hooked up to
> demonstrate the aircards, so that could have been used for activations as
> well.

I never thought of VMWare, but now that you say it, I have used VMWare before
to circumvent Linux use of devices that only had windows drivers at the time
(Windows printers and specialized digital camera software for taking pictures
with your digital camera from a computer, and controlling the entire functionality
of the camera from the computer). It worked great to my big surprised. So I would
expect that this would do the trick for initialization as well.


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