[SATLUG] John ...Verizon service stuff and Thank You again!!

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 23:30:44 CDT 2008

> > are some resellers that sell pre-activated cards, and some corporate
> stores

thank you!!!  I didn't know this...good to know for next time!  I had no
problem getting Hardy to recognize the modem w/o having to do anything
special.  that impressed me a lot!

> > can assist with the initial activation to avoid the need for Windows.
> Just curious - can't you just hook up your phone directly to the laptop?

Mom could use bluetooth I guess on her cell phone, but I don't want to deal
with all that...we'll just use the dialup modem..it works great in Hardy
I really don't want to make things difficult for me since I'm a newbie to
Linux...and need to keep it simple for Mom too!

> P.S. I would write a letter to national Verizon customer relations and
> bitterly complain about your experience. If they choose not to support
> Linux, the least they should be able to do is to initialize it for you.

I still suspect these telecons get a kickback from MS for using their
software exclusively!  Plus, MS writes the software for att's data mining of
us for Homeland Security as well as for China to spy on their citizens and
block websites.

That I agree with.  They should provide the activation service to their
customers.  Especially since the standard activation process requires a
weird combination of numbers (MSID, ESID, ActCode, etc) and a telephone call
to tie it all together.

EXACTLY!!  You guys are right on target...I learn so much from you!  I
really appreciate your suggestions...I may forget things because I get so
entrenced in the problem, but I'm glad you make suggestions and help!  I
would love to end up being an advanced Linux user :o)

They got plenty of windows computers in their offices, and why not have
> the software there to handle your request? Is this a USB, PCI or PCMCIA
> card? If the latter, they may not have notebooks laying around, but they
> should just get an adapter instead.

USB modem

Thank you John and all who have helped...I did get her PC set up with her
dialup modem again..Went so much easier in Hardy than in Gutsy...:o)




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