[SATLUG] OT: Dell memory upgrade.

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I used to work at a Dell call center where we sold parts like you mentioned.  The sale has that person's identification associated with the sale, so I'm sure if they investigate the issue, someone will be in very deep problems.  Although you may consider them rogue, I think Dell has a very short leash on the call center technicians.

Bob Waldo

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I decided to upgrade my memory from 512MB to 1G because every time I
loaded OpenOffice with any other program, my computer bogged down
noticeably.  So, I called up Dell (I assume I was speaking to someone in
India . . .) and bought the memory modules using a credit card I have
had for less than six months.  The memory arrived and I installed it
with no problems.  Everything works fine.

It has been less than a week and now I have two unauthorized charges on
my credit card.  When I investigated the charges, one of them came from
the following webiste:  http://findsupportonline.com/  If you go to that
website, read the part about the warning about contacting your credit
card company directly.  Of course, I ignored that warning and contacted
my credit card company immediately.  Can you believe the audacity of
this website posting such an outright lie?  Maybe I am naive but it
seems like this website should be shut down.  It is not like it is in
China.  whois says that it is in New York.

Now I can not prove that some rogue employee at Dell used my credit
card, but it sure does look that way.  Again, I have had this card for
less than six months.  It has never been used for an online purchase and
Dell was the first time I actually verbally gave out the credit card
number to someone on the phone.

I have yet to try and Google anything but I may do so later today but
before I do, I was wondering if anyone on the list ever had an credit
card issues after making a purchase with Dell? 

BTW, my computer is no longer sluggish.  I can have OpenOffice, Firefox,
Thunderbird and VLC player all running at the same time now.   Yoohoo!

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