[SATLUG] Re: A Linux based iPhone Challenge??

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Dec 6 12:19:47 CST 2008

on 12/6/08 7:43 AM, K. Reginald Buckner said:

>  Again Open Source/Linux has done what others thought only
> proprietary software could do best. Windows Mobile and the
> iPhone isnt the real show stealer like Google G1 at TMobile
> smart phone. Plus it still as not as expensive in the begining
> as iphone was and has the same touch screen capability.

The thing that the iPhone has is the fanatical, even maniacal, attention 
that Apple pays to getting everything perfect, and the strong control 
they have over the developers, because Apple controls the keys to the 
App Store kingdom.

Google doesn't have either of those things.  Android is a total mess, 
and has one of the worst and least consistent user interfaces in the 
business.  Of course, I don't expect that to last forever, but when 
you've got thousands of people pulling the development in every 
direction simultaneously, and you don't have that strong centralized 
control, and you have to always provide support for every type of user 
input device that can possibly be created, the result is and always will 
be a mish-mash.

Now, if everyone in the world was a computer geek who cared about the 
operating system on all their devices being Free, then I think Android 
would be a much bigger threat.  But most phone users don't really care, 
what they want to do is to use their phone.

What I think Android will do is force Apple to be more open about their 
own systems, which I think will be a good thing.

And if you look at the growth trends, the primary company to get hurt 
here will be Nokia.  RIM and Microsoft have already been beaten, and I 
think that gap will continue to widen.  And I don't see any secret 
weapon that they could have that would allow them to come back -- it's 
not like any of them would adopt Android, which would be their only real 

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