[SATLUG] Re: Information on SATLUG Shirts - Larger size shirts

Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Wed Dec 10 11:28:52 CST 2008

Updated Information:

All of the shirts ARE available in up to 4XL as follows:

Short Sleeve Polo Shirt:(XL)            $20.00
Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (2XL - 4XL)     $25.00

Short Sleeve Denim Shirts: (XL)     $20.00
Long Sleeve Denim Shirts   (2XL-4XL)$25.00

As far as shipping for out of town:

It appears that I can probably get the shirts sent by USPS Express mail for
around $5.00.  I know that should be a good number for ONE shirt.  I will go
by the post office & try to find out if two shirts will fit but I THINK they
will.  I also will find out if that price includes Insurance because I don't
know that for sure.

For anyone out of town who comes into SA on a semi-regular basis, but can't
make the meetings, I can make advance arrangements to meet to pass on your
shirt, with a day or two notice.

I still plan on ordering the shirts after the January meeting to accommodate
those individuals who are unable to attend the December meeting.  It should
take about 2 weeks from the time they are ordered until they will be ready
for me to pick them up.  I will put out a message on the list, when I have
picked them up.  If you can make the March meeting, they will definitely be
available for pickup there.

I have had 3 requests on shipping shirts.  If you will contact me directly
(at the president e-mail address) I will send you my address so you can send
a check or money order.  (Yes I know that a couple of people have already
contacted me)

A couple of questions that were asked.

Q: What is the size of the logo?

A: The SATLUG logo is approximately 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall.

Q: What colors of shirts contrast better with the logo?

A: You can get any color shirt you want.  My personal recommendation would
be NOT to get a yellow, white, or cream colored shirt.  The yellow lettering
probably isn't going to be showing up very well on those color polo
sshirts.  I would say that most of the medium and dark color polo shirts
would show up the logo fairly well.

See you at the meeting tonight!

Jim Wells, President

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Jim Wells, President <president at satlug.org
> wrote:

> Fellow SATLUGers,
> I have finally gotten all the information on ordering shirts with the
> SATLUG logo embroidered on them.  The cost for the shirts is $20.00 per
> shirt for all sizes from small to XL.  If you are interested in ordering a
> 2XL  please let me know so I can verify the price as they are a little bit
> more expensive)  We will need to order a MINIMUM of 24 shirts.  We can
> collect the money at the December & January meetings and then order the
> shirts a few days later.  It should take approximately 10 business days to
> have them ready for pickup and we can start passing them out at the February
> meeting.
> shirt, I can make arrangements to meet with you on a weekend or one evening
> during the week.  I live just North of downtown and am on the Northside near
> Blanco & Loop 1604 on (most) Thursday evenings.
> For available colors (on the polo shirts) I have included a link below each
> that gives a list of the colors available.  The short sleeve polo shirts are
> 100% cotton while the long sleeves are 60/40 cotton/polyester blend.  I
> don't see a color sample for the denim shirts, just a description on the
> color.
> The SATLUG logo doesn't seem to show up quite as well on white or cream
> colored shirts so you might want to consider that when letting me know what
> color shirt you want.  If you will also give an alternate color just in case
> the color you want is out of stock or otherwise unavailable.
> For questions, please contact me directly if you don't care to have your
> question out there for the world to see.
> Short Sleeve Polo Shirts #BG2201
>   http://www.bluegeneration.com/knit-shirts/BG-2201.html
> Long Sleeve Polo shirts #BG7207
>   http://www.bluegeneration.com/knit-shirts/BG-7207.html
> Short Sleeve Denim Shirts #BG8206S
>   Available in Faded Blue & Vintage Blue
> Long Sleeve Denim Shirts #BG8206
>   Available in Faded Blue, Vintage Blue & Dark Indigo
> I apologize for it taking so long.  Their location closes before I can get
> there after work & I was only able to get by there & talking to a live body
> face to face.
> Jim Wells, President
> San Antonio Linux Users Group

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