[SATLUG] Re: Information on SATLUG Shirts - Larger size shirts

Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Wed Dec 10 11:36:44 CST 2008

The Short Sleeve Demin Shirts up to 4XL are also $20.00.

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Jim Wells, President <president at satlug.org
> wrote:

> Updated Information:
> All of the shirts ARE available in up to 4XL as follows:
> Short Sleeve Polo Shirt:(XL)            $20.00
> Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (2XL - 4XL)     $25.00
> Short Sleeve Denim Shirts: (XL)     $20.00
> Long Sleeve Denim Shirts   (2XL-4XL)$25.00
> As far as shipping for out of town:
> It appears that I can probably get the shirts sent by USPS Express mail for
> around $5.00.  I know that should be a good number for ONE shirt.  I will go
> by the post office & try to find out if two shirts will fit but I THINK they
> will.  I also will find out if that price includes Insurance because I don't
> know that for sure.
> For anyone out of town who comes into SA on a semi-regular basis, but can't
> make the meetings, I can make advance arrangements to meet to pass on your
> shirt, with a day or two notice.
> I still plan on ordering the shirts after the January meeting to
> accommodate those individuals who are unable to attend the December
> meeting.  It should take about 2 weeks from the time they are ordered until
> they will be ready for me to pick them up.  I will put out a message on the
> list, when I have picked them up.  If you can make the March meeting, they
> will definitely be available for pickup there.
> I have had 3 requests on shipping shirts.  If you will contact me directly
> (at the president e-mail address) I will send you my address so you can send
> a check or money order.  (Yes I know that a couple of people have already
> contacted me)
> A couple of questions that were asked.
> Q: What is the size of the logo?
> A: The SATLUG logo is approximately 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall.
> Q: What colors of shirts contrast better with the logo?
> A: You can get any color shirt you want.  My personal recommendation would
> be NOT to get a yellow, white, or cream colored shirt.  The yellow lettering
> probably isn't going to be showing up very well on those color polo
> sshirts.  I would say that most of the medium and dark color polo shirts
> would show up the logo fairly well.
> See you at the meeting tonight!
> Jim Wells, President
> On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 10:37 PM, Jim Wells, President <
> president at satlug.org> wrote:
>> Fellow SATLUGers,
>> I have finally gotten all the information on ordering shirts with the
>> SATLUG logo embroidered on them.  The cost for the shirts is $20.00 per
>> shirt for all sizes from small to XL.  If you are interested in ordering a
>> 2XL  please let me know so I can verify the price as they are a little bit
>> more expensive)  We will need to order a MINIMUM of 24 shirts.  We can
>> collect the money at the December & January meetings and then order the
>> shirts a few days later.  It should take approximately 10 business days to
>> have them ready for pickup and we can start passing them out at the February
>> meeting.
>> a shirt, I can make arrangements to meet with you on a weekend or one
>> evening during the week.  I live just North of downtown and am on the
>> Northside near Blanco & Loop 1604 on (most) Thursday evenings.
>> For available colors (on the polo shirts) I have included a link below
>> each that gives a list of the colors available.  The short sleeve polo
>> shirts are 100% cotton while the long sleeves are 60/40 cotton/polyester
>> blend.  I don't see a color sample for the denim shirts, just a description
>> on the color.
>> The SATLUG logo doesn't seem to show up quite as well on white or cream
>> colored shirts so you might want to consider that when letting me know what
>> color shirt you want.  If you will also give an alternate color just in case
>> the color you want is out of stock or otherwise unavailable.
>> For questions, please contact me directly if you don't care to have your
>> question out there for the world to see.
>> Short Sleeve Polo Shirts #BG2201
>>   http://www.bluegeneration.com/knit-shirts/BG-2201.html
>> Long Sleeve Polo shirts #BG7207
>>   http://www.bluegeneration.com/knit-shirts/BG-7207.html
>> Short Sleeve Denim Shirts #BG8206S
>>   Available in Faded Blue & Vintage Blue
>> Long Sleeve Denim Shirts #BG8206
>>   Available in Faded Blue, Vintage Blue & Dark Indigo
>> I apologize for it taking so long.  Their location closes before I can get
>> there after work & I was only able to get by there & talking to a live body
>> face to face.
>> Jim Wells, President
>> San Antonio Linux Users Group

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